How to Add Google Custom Search to your Blog

Putting Google Custom Search on Blog

It was my friend's advice to put a "google custom search on my blog". At first, I don't want to put this custom search here because only few will use it, and those are the people like you who visited this blog. I then realized that it brought me some advantages of having this custom search. First, you are no longer to type to search something on the address or search bar, you will just directly type your keyword to this and you will then have the results with regards to your keywords. Second, only few and very relevant results will be displayed on list. Lastly, all your keywords will given a sponsored links by google that are related and it's up for you to open them.

How can I put Custom Search to my Blog?

I assumed that you already have a blog, what you need to do is to copy the html code inside the box or press Ctrl+A(Select All) and Ctrl+C to copy the text. After you copy the code, create a html/javascript gadget on your design layout and paste the code.

Thank you for reading and hope you will apply it to your blog. Happy blogging!
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