Google Motivates Me To Post Often on Blog

How Google Motivates Me to Blog

Motivation is one of the best appetizers in our lives especially in doing things or activities that we like. With its power, we able to express and show our feelings and interests to something that we don't ever imagine ever since we only realized by the time we have experienced and tried the wonderful and enjoyable moments in our lifetime.

I know blogging is not just an ordinary thing for us. This can really help us to express our feelings and ideas by just using our ten fingers pressing keys on keyboard. Every press on the key it brings an opportunity for us to earn a living. If you believe on this, definitely you'll love blogging and you'll be passionate on it. Before, I don't really appreciate doing blog or blogging because I thought it's a waste of time and not interesting for me but now even though I'm not so good on writing, I still try to make it up and post some helpful and interesting topics for my blog that can somehow entice and give valuable tips to my visitors. And I'm so happy that my blog generates more traffic day by day and I earned dollars from it even just a little. And that's how "google motivates me to post often on my blog".

Who motivates you to create a blog? Do we have the same reason why you like blogging?
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