Five Effective Steps to Start a Successful Blogging

Building Successful Blogs and Making Money Online

Actually I don't have any knowledge about blogging. I just learned it since 2009 when we were having a seminar regarding this "Five Effective Steps to Start a Successful Blogging". It was really interesting and very enticing for me to start a blog at that time because I learned that aside from expressing our feelings and personal thoughts, we can also earn an income out from it, the blog that we are going to create. And so everybody got interested to create a blog for him/her to generate an income that could help his/her financial needs. Everybody asked, "How would we start making it?". Then the speaker answered, "Just listen to what I'm going to discuss to you, it's just a piece of cake." :) Let's find out the "Five Effective Steps to Start a Successful Blogging".

1. Think of a Topic or Title for Your Blog

This is one of the most important components of a successful blogging. You as the author of the blog, you should think of a topic that you are interested in like entertainment, sports, foods, technology, cultures and so on. The advantage of making a more specific topic or genre for your blog is that, you can limit your imaginations or thoughts in one particular field unlike if it's in general topic, it's very confusing. Also, provide a relevant descriptions with respect to the title or topic of  your blog. It must be parallel so that the search engine like google can understand and crawl or index your blog.

2. What Blogging Services Am I going to used?

It's just so simple. You choose either of the too, or They are both free, user-friendly and very easy to use. Well, it's up to you which of these you are going to use but for me I chose blogger because I can integrate adsense to my blog. However, in terms of search-engine friendliness I recommend you to use wordpress because search engine can easily find your fresh contents of your blog or posts. Moreover, with the use of wordpress no more configuration occurs, what you need to this is just post your interested topics.

3. Posts  Interested Topics or Titles relevant to your blog.

This is the most important part of your blogging activity ("Interested Post Titles"). This is what we call the "king of your blog, the content or topic itself". Why we need to create an interesting and catchy title for our blog? Simply because there are lots of topics related to your niche and to dominate all of those, you should make your post title enticing or interesting as possible. You should also provide related information or paragraphs/statements regarding the topic that you have produced so that search engine can easily crawl and find your blog.

4. Build your Blog Traffic

This is much tricky and difficult part for bloggers especially you. Why is it difficult? It's an arduous activity in blogging wherein you, the blogger should make instance link building, making your blog contents more optimized, adding popular bookmarking sites to your blog, inviting friends to follow your blog and so on. Why there is a need for us to make this? It's essential especially if you want your blog to be famous or popular on the web. The advantage if your blog becomes popular, you can generate or earn money out from your blog and to realize it, you should apply for an adsense from google or you apply to a particular websites that offer affiliation services like amazon and many others.

5. Download this "Five Steps to Monetize your Blog"

If you want to know more on how to monetize your blog, just download this ebook. This would serves as your guide to your blogging endeavors and to your success to this venture. Good luck.

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