Filter and Block Facebook Notifications in Gmail

Tips on How to Filter or Block Facebook Notifications in your Gmail

I know everyone hates with thousands of very unnecessary emails found in our inbox everyday, am I right? It's really disgusting at the same time so annoying because these emails are mostly spams, subscription messages, email notifications from different websites or social networking sites such as facebook, friendster and many others that we had registered using our personal email address. I know it's an issue for all of us and to prevent this, I'll show you how to filter and block email notifications especially from facebook to our Gmail account. So, below are the "easy steps on how to filter and block facebook notifications":

You log in to your gmail account and look for the filter link beside the "Search on the Web" button and click it. Like in the picture below.
filter and block facebook messages

After you have clicked the link, this form will appear. Simply, you just type "Facebook" in the From field, neglect the other fields. Then, you click the button Next Step

easy steps to delete notifications in gmail

So after you have clicked the Next Step button, the following form will appear. Just check Skip the Inbox and Delete it actions provided below. Also, you check Also apply filter to (number of conversation found) below. Then, you click Update Filter button.

So what happen to the facebook notifications? Every time facebook sends notifications to your email account, Gmail will generally filter it and have it deleted then.

That's it. It's very easy and simple to follow. Hope you learn something out from it.  Thank you for reading!
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