Blogging as "Bread and Butter"

Blogging, a livelihood of some other people who have a great passion on it. They made blogging as their online "source of extra income" and a sort of interesting stuff as to their individual life. But how those people made blogging as their livelihood? Is there money on blogging? How would they get those money on blogging? Do they have some techniques on how they made it?

Basically, blogging is just an online activity on the web where in people can share and post his personal life, his experiences, his opinions, his thoughts and other aspects of life. However, from those posts you've made, you can earn money, that is, if you are going to monetize your blog. But, once you monetize your blog, be sure to build great traffics so that thousands and millions of visitors will visit to your blog. In order to build more traffics to your blog, you should make and post valuable and interesting topics and of course contents that can attempt or attract the readers to read your posts. If your posts are very interesting and very useful to their part, the tendency is, they will share your posts to their friends or they will place your blog to their personal blogs. Aside from the good and quality contents, you should also know how to market your blog or apply SEO in your blogging.So, what is SEO? SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization, a tool used in internet marketing. How does it work? And how would I apply it to my blog? Have you noticed when you search something on the web using any search engines, there are thousands or millions of results? If your blog appears on the top ten, then you have very good optimization in your blog. But that's not easy to be included in the top ten, you really need to spend efforts and time in order to be on top. If you're a familiar with HTML, then you'll find it easier. If not, you should take more time to practice and study about SEO.

Competition is not only in real world but also in virtual and electronic world. It is always present in everything; you should be a competitor. In real life, if you want to achieve something, you expect a lot of challenges or competitors. In short, life is a competition. In order to earn a living and to survive, you should be a fighter. In virtual world, on the other hand, there is also a competition, in business or other aspects the includes money and life. How would I know that there is a competition on web? In this modern era, almost everything used technology to process information or other business related application. Internet marketing is the most popular in the web because today, everything is made online. Millions of businessmen or businesswomen preferred to make their business be accessible online. Besides, they want people all over the world to know their business especially their products and services. And to attain these goals, they advertised their products online. One way of advertising their products is to make used of the blog. Why they prefer to blog? Definitely, they like blog as the tool to advertise their products because Blog is search engine friendly. Do you know why it's search engine friendly? It is because blog is always updated and Search Engine wants fresh and hot contents. In other words, blog can easily be indexed or seen by any search engine.

Do you want to be a blogger? Actually, you can make blog either of the following websites, Blogger, Wordpress and other websites that provide blogging services.


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