How to Add Flag Counter Widget to Blog

Every time I open my blog, the first thing that I really wanna see or put an eye to my blog is my "flag counter widget" at the bottom part of my posts because with this I will be noticed and at the same time guided on how much visitors or readers in different countries visited my blog in a particular day or time. In this post,I'm going to share with you on "how to install or add flag counter widget to your blog".

Basic Steps to Install  Flag Counter Widget to your Blog First, You need to visit At the homepage, you will see a configuration for a flag counter widget (it's up to you to make your how style of flag widget). At the right side, you click the button GET YOUR FLAG COUNTER. You are ask to register but for now you'll just skip it. Then, you will see a code for website, just copy the first one and go to your blog design layout and add a new HTML/JAVASCRIPT  widget  to your design  where we can to put or paste flag counter wid…

Best 10 Timeless Influential Articles of Steve Pavlina

One of the best bloggers in the history, Mr. Steve Pavlina.

Have you guys heard about Steve Pavlina? If not, then you should know him and also his timeless, helpful and very influential articles about tips and personal development. Actually, I just knew him by just looking and searching for articles on web that can somehow help me to build my personality better and I found it very useful. For me, all his posts are so great because they influenced millions of people by generation to generations. These are the type of articles on blog that can never be obsoleted or expired, they continue to help other young ones who want to develop something in particular aspect in life. Like I said, they are timeless because all the articles are made with no limitations with respect to time or date. These will still remain fresh and also valuable to all the readers of his admirable blog.

How to Add Google Custom Search to your Blog

Putting Google Custom Search on Blog
It was my friend's advice to put a "google custom search on my blog". At first, I don't want to put this custom search here because only few will use it, and those are the people like you who visited this blog. I then realized that it brought me some advantages of having this custom search. First, you are no longer to type to search something on the address or search bar, you will just directly type your keyword to this and you will then have the results with regards to your keywords. Second, only few and very relevant results will be displayed on list. Lastly, all your keywords will given a sponsored links by google that are related and it's up for you to open them.

Google Motivates Me To Post Often on Blog

How Google Motivates Me to Blog
Motivation is one of the best appetizers in our lives especially in doing things or activities that we like. With its power, we able to express and show our feelings and interests to something that we don't ever imagine ever since we only realized by the time we have experienced and tried the wonderful and enjoyable moments in our lifetime.

Free Download Symfony 2.0 Ebook Pdf

Download Symfony 2.0 Ebook Pdf For Free

Before you are going to download this symfony ebook (PDF format), you should know first what Symfony is.
The following definition of the symfony is based from, I just copied it there and if you want to know more about this php framework just visit the site. 

Download Optimized Adsense-Ready Blogger Template

One thing that the blogger should take into consideration in making blogs is to determine and use the right template for his or her blog because search engines take a deep consideration on the right setup of the contents of  a  particular blog. Using a fully optimized blogger template could really help your blog to build more traffics or  visitors easier and faster, means generate more income if you apply and publish google adsense into your blog. Below is the screenshot of of the template and  link on how to download the "fully customized or optimized adsense-ready blogger template".

Import Facebook Contacts to Gmail Account

Five Effective Steps to Import Contacts from Facebook to Gmail1. Log in to your gmail account